We physiotherapist can’t help but face-palm our own foreheads when we see people let small easy-fix things become big expensive ugly things. The cost blows out exponentially, not just in dollar terms but in stress and loss of lifestyle. Chronic low back pain alone costs Australians $4 billion annually; mind boggling when we treat that successfully for $75 a pop. Compared to illness, wellness is cheap.

LIKE niggling knee pain allowed to continue over years to become knee replacement surgery and rehab.

OR poor work posture habits become debilitating headaches, daily medication and regular days off work.

OR some shoulder soreness that turns you from a social sport legend to sideline larrikin, obesity and cardiac troubles. 

Sports Physio

It absolutely happens. Small choices in your health now slide you from a point of relatively easy return, to a point that no amount of money and effort can fix. Spend a little money now to save a bucket-load later, the return on investment for physiotherapy treatment is HUGE. Wellness ain’t so silly.

Headaches, shoulder problems or back pain; what are you letting drag on?

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