adelaide physiotherapy studio

Active Bodies Physiotherapy, co-located with our wonderful Power Living Yoga family, is the Adelaide city’s premier location for quality physio care in a space purpose-built for exercise, health, and well-being.

About Active Bodies Physiotherapy and Health

Triton Tunis-Mitchell first started working as a solo physiotherapist in 2006 out of a small room in the Adelaide Health Care clinic on Carrington Street. With a lifetime of circus and competitive volleyball experience, Triton dreamed of building a physiotherapy practice that catered to active people – those already involved in sport or the arts, and those wanting to overcome injuries to get moving again.

Active Bodies Physiotherapy was born in 2007 and Triton hired a bunch of new, expert physiotherapists to help him build that brand by providing careful care and a lot of physical expertise to all clients.

By 2012 this team of passionate physiotherapists had helped over 5,000 clients – sports people, office workers, mums, dads, kids, and everyone in between.

In 2017 the Active Bodies Physiotherapy team decided to take things further and moved to a custom built studio on Halifax Street, teaming up with Power Living Yoga to create a space unlike anything else in Adelaide.

This 470 square metre, thriving studio now teaches yoga to hundreds of people each week, has spaces for tea and community, a separate movement and training room with the latest equipment, a stunning red-brick heated yoga room that fits 65 yogis and yoginis, change rooms, and much more.

This year the studio treated its 10,000th client but, more than that, it created a vibrant and healthy space where you can receive the best physio care, practice yoga, make friends, and really get your body active again.

Come and visit Active Bodies Physiotherapy or Power Living. We’d love to meet you.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is one Australia’s most popular and effective ways to manage health issues like injury, pain or stiffness. Physiotherapists are university qualified and have great skills in diagnosing the root cause of the problem; from big picture movements right down to individual structures.

Physiotherapist have many ways of helping you tackle a problem. Sometimes it will involved massage, stretching, exercise therapy, joint manipulation, dry needling or a host of other techniques to bring quality movement and balance back into your body. The physiotherapist will also educate you about how to better care for your body to prevent the issue recurring. Our aim is to tackle the source of the issue for a long-lasting result, rather than sticking a band-aid on it

And you don’t have to be injured to get benefit from physiotherapy. It could be something like an occasional ache, cramp or tiredness that tells you something is amiss. We often work with very healthy people like athletes (pro and social) on technique and recovery to find their best performance in sport and leisure. You can see some of the other types of services we provide here.

When you see a physio, the end result is that you are empowered with education, and hands-on support to bring your body to best health. Private Health Rebates apply to all physiotherapy services so the out of pocket expense is minimal. Whilst our service quality and your speed of recovery is exceptional.

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