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We physiotherapist can’t help but face-palm our own foreheads when we see people let small easy-fix things become big expensive ugly things.

This video documentary gives a rare behind the scenes look at the process and training that goes into this elite level of acrobatic performance. Gravity & Other Myths is based in Adelaide, and Active Bodies Physiotherapist Triton is now retired but was one of the founding members (right on photo).

Young Athlete

The young athlete’s body is unique and in many ways their physical needs may require special attention. Often we may be able to prevent or minimise the impact of injury by being more sensitive to the differences in the musculoskeletal system during their growing years.

Being injured is a special kind of sucky.

Especially when it stops you doing the things you love doing, like climbing. And climbing.

So I’ve made a few videos with some useful information about how to stay injury free and climb at your best.

Kim family snow

Well the winter months are here and low and behold we are all getting sick! The dreaded lurgie is upon us and whether it be a cough, sniffles, the flu or just feeling downright crappy we struggle to get through the winter without our immune system caving to something!  

But does being cold affect us catching a cold?